Satellite TV

In today’s world, it is tough to live without TV or entertainment of some kind. Television has become a huge part of our culture. It is where we got to unwind, seek entertainment, find news and current events, and get caught up in the world. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! When you need a satellite TV provider in Atlanta, GA, call Frank Jones Consulting  LLC right away! We can help find you great satellite TV deals that will have you up and running in no time.

Our satellite TV packages have everything that you need and want in TV entertainment. You can choose your satellite TV channels to make sure that all your favorite channels are included. We want you to be happy with your overall service, so make sure that you look for your favorite satellite TV programs and choose channels that work for you and your family. When you need an affordable and quality satellite TV offer, we are the perfect place to call. Let us help you get your setup up and running in no time, so that you can enjoy your satellite TV right away.

It’s a good idea to choose your satellite TV provider based on both what they can provide in terms of satellite TV programming, as well as what they can provide as far as customer service. Our company offers the best in television entertainment in the area. With hundreds of channels, excellent staff and customer service, and years of experience, we are the best television service provider in the greater Atlanta area. When you need quality TV entertainment and a company that you can trust, just give us a call as soon as today!

Detailed information on DISH's new smartbox. Download PDF for for more.

Installing the ‘dish-in-a-box’ solution is the ideal way to deliver digital programming to fourplexes all the way up to 100 unit-plus properties. Pre-made distribution boxes will distribute signal for up to 48 tuners—just plug and play!

Simplify MDU digital installations
Save on installation labor costs
Small footprint design
No on-site testing is required—plug and play!



L-band Distribution System for DISH Network® in a box: ‘DISH-In-a-BOX’:
Customizable for specific applications
Supports up 12 or 24 units from one box
12 receiver model: 20″ x 24″ x 10″
24 receiver model: 26″ x 36″ x 10″
Outdoor models available (ask an account manager for pricing and availability 1-800-444-PACE)
All parts are included and assembled in the box
High quality parts
Knock outs around the box for easy cable insertion
Pace can help you design an L-band system to distribute satellite signal throughout your property and deliver great DISH Network programming. Download a typical diagram below and find more information about our L-band products.

QAM Headend Solution
Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) technology, simply stated, allows HD and other high bandwidth digital content to be distributed through existing wiring in a building, using a headend and customer devices for individual subscribers. This preserves the infrastructure of the building, while potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars in installation costs for rewiring the building. The technology allows properties to offer content to residents at a very low cost for entry when compared to other solutions for digital content.


Multi-Family Communities

Make residents happy by giving them DISH as an option for their home. Best of all, we can install without satellite antennas on every balcony. We keep it clean and simple.


Yes that’s right. We can put DISH in every room. Give your guests the comforts of home with a clean set up, easy system, and affordable price. That’s DISH Business.


Connect the campus without slowing up the access. DISH gives students thousands of channels, without compromising your campus network connection. And our durable system means it will last. Even in the freshman dorms.


DISH can give your property instant added value. And you didn’t even have to pick up a hammer. We’ve designed our programming packages to offer you more choices at a better value.

52.0 Remote Control Customer Education Video



Introducing the Hopper 3! 


4K Joeys allow our customers who have purchased 4K TVs to view certain on-demand 4K/Ultra HD content through their Hopper system. With the ability to deliver on demand 4K video content, we are once again proving we are the leader in entertainment technology.

  • 4K Joey delivers both HD and 4K/Ultra HDvideo content to subscribers through their 4K TVs
  • 4K Joey will only function with a Hopper 3 or Hopper with Sling that has the new User Interface (UI)
  • 4K Joey is wired and connected the same way as other Joeys


Ultra slim and sleek design, which reflects the look and feel of the new UI.


  • 4K resolution is 2x the clarity of current HD video
  • 4K Joey delivers a processor speed of 7000 MHz, making it much faster than the Hopper with Sling
    • Includes 1 GB of RAM and 128 MB of flash memory
  • 4K Joey is compatible with allHDMI cables currently offered by DISH
  • At launch, the following 4K content will be available on the 4K Joey:
    • Video On Demand found on channel 501 or by choosing the “On Demand” tile in the main menu
    • Netflix 4K content (if the customer is on a Netflix plan that supports streaming Ultra HD video andhas appropriate broadband Internet speed (25 megabits per second or higher))
      • Customers can check which plan they are currently on at
      • Netflix streaming quality must be set to “High”
    • To access Netflix the 4K Joey must be linked to a Hopper w/Sling
  • At launch, 4K Joey comes boxed with the 40.0 remote, and its operation will be the same as the current Joey

ViP 722 DVR


  • ViP722 DVR is a dual-tuner, two-TV DISH Network satellite receiver compatible with the MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 compression standards. ViP722 DVR supports high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) outputs for TV1, standard-definition outputs for TV2, provides DVR functionality for both TV1 and TV2, and includes one digital over-the-air tuner.

ViP 211 DVR


  • DISH ViP 211 is the first DISH Network satellite receivers compatible with the MPEG-4 compression standard. This receiver is single-tuner, supports high definition (HD), and have an updated user interface.